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KDE Plasma 6
KDE Plasma 6

I would like to welcome you to my revamped site. It is still a work in progress, so please be patient while I work out the kinks! I have also explained a bit more about myself in my About Me page for those that may have questions about my homesteader lifestyle. Check it out when you have time.

My site is mostly my adventures in packaging software in Linux in a variety of formats ( mostly Debian and Ubuntu Snaps containerized packages ). This keeps me very busy, as folks don’t realize the importance of packaging. Without it, applications remain in source code form which isn’t very usable by the users! While turning the source code into something user friendly we often run into issues and work with upstream ( I am a very strong believer in upstream first ) to resolve any issues. This makes for a better user experience and less buggy software. Workarounds are very hard to maintain and thus fixing it right the first time is the best path! With this said, while I am not strong in any one programming language ( Well maybe Ruby from my CI tooling background ) I am versed in many languages, as I have to understand the code that I am filing bug reports for! We have to have a strong knowledge of being able to understand build failures, debug runtime failures and most importantly we have to be able to fix them, or find the resources to assist in fixing them. As most of you know I am KDE’s biggest fan ( There is nothing wrong with Gnome, its a great platform ). So a big portion of my work is dedicated to KDE. A fantastic tool for working on my KDE packaging has been KDE Neon! With the developer version I have all the tools necessary to debug and fix issues that arise. There is also the added bonus of living on the edge and finding out runtime issues right away!

That is enough about me for now and on to my weekly round up!

KDE neon:

Carlos ( check out his new blog! https://www.ethicalconstruct.au/dotclear_blog/ ) and I have been very busy with another round of KDE applications making the move to Qt6. We have finished KDE PIM and KDE Games in Neon/unstable!

I have worked out issues with print-manager and re-enabled it in experimental as it’s qt6 development is still happening in kf6 branch. Instructions here: https://blog.neon.kde.org/2023/08/04/announcing-kde-neon-experimental/

Fixed issues with a broken kscreenlocker and missing window decorations. You can now safely leave your computer and not worry about that dreaded black screen.


I have uploaded the newest squashfuse to unstable.

I have uploaded another NEW dependency for bubblegum golang-github-alecthomas-mango-kong-dev

Ubuntu Snaps:

This week continues working closely with Jarred Wilson of Canonical in getting his Qt6 content snap in shape for use with my KDE Frameworks 6 snap ( an essential snap to move forward with our next generation Qt6 applications and of course the Plasma snap.

I spent some time debugging the neochat snap and fixed some QML issues, but I am now facing issues with wayland. It now works fine for those of us still on X11. I will continue working out wayland.

Thank you!

I rely on donations to upkeep my everyday living and so far thanks to each and every one of you I have survived almost a full year! It has been scary from time to time, but I am surviving. Until my snap project goes through I must rely on the kindness of my supporters. The proceeds of my donations goes to the following:

  • Car payment
  • Car insurance
  • Land Payment
  • Gas for vehicles ( car for errands, truck to haul water )
  • Propane
  • Food
  • Phone / Internet ( Very important in this line of work! )
  • Pet Food ( Yes we have a few )
  • Misc everyday living supplies ( shampoo etc )

I have joined the kool kids and moved to Donorbox for donations.


I still have Gofundme for those that don’t want to signup for yetanotherdonationplatform.