KDE: Debian: Hopefully a short goodbye for now.

Witch Wells Az
KDE Mascot
KDE Mascot

I have been working around the clock and over the weekend trying to get the transition for snapcraft files in their respective repos. What does this mean for users? Faster releases for Snaps and closer collaboration between snapcrafters and application developers so bugs get resolved much quicker.

Unfortunately, I have 2 days to finish before my internet gets cut off. I did not make enough to pay the bill. Seeing as this is the first time in a year, I am absolutely, positively grateful for all of you and your support over the past year. I know my work is appreciated! I will never be homeless or starve due to my wonderful local community, but the Internet bill is not something we can barter or trade labor for.

I have caught up on my Debian obligations ( so no MIA needed! )

KDE neon is in good hands with Jonathan and Carlos.

So for now, farewell ( I assure you I will be back! )