KDE: KDE Snaps 23.08.4, PIM! KDE neon, Debian

KDE PIM Kaddressbook snap
KDE PIM Kaddressbook snap

KDE Snaps:

This weeks big accomplishment is KDE PIM snaps! I have successfully added akonadi as a service via an akonadi content snap and running it as a service. Kaddressbook is our first PIM snap with this setup and it works flawlessly! It is available in the snap store. I have a pile of MRs awaiting approvals, so keep your eye out for the rest of PIM in the next day.

KDE Applications 23.08.4 has been released and available in the snap store.

Krita 5.2.2 has been released.

I have created a new kde-qt6 snap as the qt-framework snap has not been updated and the maintainer is unreachable. It is in edge and I will be rebuilding our kf6 snap with this one.

I am debugging an issue with the latest Labplot release.

KDE neon:

This week I helped with frameworks release 5.113 and KDE applications 23.08.4.

I also worked on the ongoing Unstable turning red into green builds as the porting to qt6 continues.


With my on going learning packaging for all the programming languages, Rust packaging: I started on Rustic https://github.com/rustic-rs/rustic unfortunately, it was a bit of wasted time as it depends on a feature of tracing-subcriber that depends on matchers which has a grave bug, so it remains disabled.


I do have an interview tomorrow! And it looks like the ‘project’ may go through after the new year. So things are looking up, unfortunately I must still ask, if you have any spare change please consider a donation. The phone company decided to take an extra $200.00 I didn’t have to spare and while I resolved it, they refused a refund, but gave me a credit to next months bill, which doesn’t help me now. Thank you for your consideration.