Scarlett Gately Moore

KDE Extras 22.08.2 was released!

So… I am working on new snaps! This release also includes a new content snap I made with frameworks 5.98 and Qt 5.15.6. With all the new goodness, I am (Re) testing all snaps to make sure they are working as expected.

You can find a link to all of my snap releases from the KDE Snap Store Releases on the menu above.

Some notable releases that have new fixes and improvements are:

  • Kalzium: Molecular editor now works!
  • Artikulate: Now works on arm64 ( eg. Rasberry Pi )
  • Dragon: Now works on arm64
  • Minuet: Now works on arm64

New 22.08.2 releases re-tested on arm64 and amd64:

  • Picmi
  • Kturtle
  • Ksudoku
  • Konquest

More coming soon!

Please consider donating! I am seeking employment, but until then, I need assistance with gas to power my generator to power my laptop. Solar doesn’t work great in these coming winter months 🙁 Thank you for your consideration!