Some exciting news! Kubuntu: I’m back!!!

It’s official, the Kubuntu Council has hired me part time to work on the 24.04 LTS release, preparation for Plasma 6, and to bring life back into the Distribution. First I want thank the Kubuntu Council for this opportunity and I plan a long and successful journey together!!!!

My first week ( I started midweek ):

It has been a busy one! Many meet and greets with the team and other interested parties. I had the chance to chat with Mike from Kubuntu Focus and I have to say I am absolutely amazed with the work they have done, and if you are in the market for a new laptop, you must check these out!!! Or if you want to try before you buy you can download the OS! All they ask is for an e-mail, which is completely reasonable. Hosting isn’t free! Besides, you can opt out anytime and they don’t share it with anyone. I look forward to working closely with this project.

We now have a Kubuntu Team in KDE invent if you would like to join us, please don’t hesitate to ask! I have started a new Wiki and our first page is the ever important Bug triaging! It is still a WIP but you can check it out here: , with that said I have started the launchpad work to make tracking our bugs easier buy subscribing kubuntu-bugs to all our packages and creating proper projects for our packages missing them.

We have compiled a list of our various documentation links that need updated and Rick Timmis is updating! Aaron Honeycutt has been busy with the Kubuntu Manual which is in good shape. We just need to improve our developer story 🙂

I have been working on the rather massive Apparmor bug with testing the fixes from the ppa and writing profiles for the various KDE packages affected ( pretty much anything that uses webengine ) and making progress there.

My next order of business staging Frameworks 5.114 with guidance from our super awesome Rik Mills that has been doing most of the heavy lifting in Kubuntu for many years now. So thank you for that Rik 🙂

I will also start on our big transition to the Calamaras Installer! I do have experience here, so I expect it will be a smooth one.

I am so excited for the future of Kubuntu and the exciting things to come! With that said, the Kubuntu funding is community donation driven. There is enough to pay me part time for a couple contracts, but it will run out and a full-time contract would be super awesome. I am reaching out to anyone enjoying Kubuntu and want to help with the future of Kubuntu to please consider a donation! We are working on more donation options, but for now you can donate through paypal at Thank you!!!!!