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Witch Wells, Az
Snowy Sunrise Witch Wells, Az

After my last post a few things have happened. First, I want to thank all of you for your support, monetary and moral. The open source community is amazing and I love being a part of it. We are surviving thanks to all of you. Despite my failed interview, a new door has opened up and I am happy to announce that Canonical is funding me to work part time for a period of 3 months on KDE Snaps! While not the full time role I was hoping for, I’ll take it, and who knows, maybe they will see just how awesome I am! 🙂

I started back to work on these last Tuesday. So far I have made good progress and even have a working Core22 snap!

Work done on upstream snapcraft ( tool used to make snaps ):

New content pack version, fixed an issue with snapcraft remote-build choking on part with /sdk, fixed regex as our naming scheme has changed:

Ran into a new bug with snapcraft expand-extensions and so I must now enter all of this information manually into snapcraft.yaml until fixed, bug report here:

And without further ado, our first core22 snap is Dragonplayer Version 22.12.3 available in the snap store. Many more coming soon!

KDE Dragon media player
KDE Dragon media player

With a new month upon us, I must ask for help again, I will not see any money for this work until next month. Please consider a dontation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.