Snowstorms, Kittens and Shattered dreams

Icy morning Witch Wells Az
Icy morning Witch Wells Az

Long ago I applied for my dream job at a company I have wanted to wok for since its beginning and I wasn’t ready technically. Fast forward to now, I am ready! A big thank you goes out to Blue Systems for that. So I go out and find the perfect role and start the application process. The process was months long, but was going very well, the interviews and I passed the technical with flying colors. I got to the end where the hiring lead told me he was submitting my offer… I was so excited, so much so, I told my husband and parents “I got the job!” I know, I jinxed myself there. Soon I receive the “There was a problem”.. One obscure assessment called GIA came back not so good. I remember that day, we were in the middle of a long series of winter storms and I when I took the test, my kitten decided right then it was me time. I couldn’t very well throw her out into the snowstorm, so I continued on the best I could. It is my fault, it clearly states to be distraction free. So I speak again to the hiring lead and we both feel with my experience and technical knowledge and abilities we can still move forward. I still had hope. After some time passes, I asked for an update and got the dreaded rejection. I am told it wasn’t just the GIA, but that I am not a good overall fit for the company. In one fell swoop my dreams are dashed and final, for this and all roles within that company. I wasn’t given a reason either. I am devastated, heart broken, and shocked. I get along with everyone, I exceed the technical requirements, and I work well in the community. Dream door closed.

I will not let this get me down. I am moving on. I will find my place where I ‘fit in’.

With that said, I no longer have the will, passion, or drive to work on snaps anymore. I will leave instructions with Jonathon as to what needs to be done to move forward. The good news is my core22 kde-neon extension was merged into upstream snapcraft, so whomever takes over will have a much easier time knocking them out. @kubuntu-council I will do whatever it takes to pay back the money for the hardware you provided me to do snaps, I am truly sorry about this.

What does my future hold? I will still continue with my Debian efforts. In fact, I have ventured out from the KDE umbrella and joined the go-team. I am finalizing my packaging for

and it’s dependencies: roff, mango, mango-kong. I had my first golang patch for a failing test and have submitted it upstream. I will upload these to experimental while the freeze is on.

I will be moving all the libraries in the mycroft team to the python umbrella as they are useful for other things and mycroft is no more.

During the holidays I was tinkering around with selenium UI testing and stumbled on some accessibility issues within KDE, so I think this is a good place for me to dive into for my KDE contributions.

I have been approached to collaborate with OpenOS on a few things, time permitting I will see what I can do there.

I have a possible gig to do some websites, while I move forward in my job hunt.

I will not give up! I will find my place where I ‘fit in’.

Meanwhile, I must ask for donations to get us by. Anything helps, thank you for your consideration.

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  1. Sorry this didn’t work out for you – However glad to hear you are keeping the faith! What’s meant to be is meant to be. Since adopting a young female cat, I can completely empathize with that feline incident, as I work from home as well. Best of luck.

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