Sunset, Witch Wells Arizona

I have been quite busy! I have been working on several projects so my cover image is a lovely sunset where I live.


I have updated and uploaded several packages and working on more.

  • Umbrello
  • Squashfuse with the help of Scott Moser ( Thanks! )
  • libappimage
  • plasma-bigscreen WIP

KDE Snaps:

I have reworked the CI to now do Core22 snaps! They will publish to the beta channel until we get them tested. First snap completed is the ever important KDE Frameworks / QT content snap + SDK! Applications will start after I tackle the kde-neon extention in snapcraft.


I have begun learning/writing some GUI tests using python and, inspired by one of my favorite people, Harald. See for more info and I hope to get these in repos near you soon!

In closing, I am still seeking employment/sponsor amidst this terrible layoff season. If anyone knows of anyone with my diverse skill set please let me know.

In the meantime if you can spare anything to keep the lights on I would be ever so grateful.


Cash App: $ScarlettMoore0903


Thank you,

I want to wish everyone a very merry < insert your holiday here > !!!