KDE @ Ubuntu Summit in Prague

First, I would like to send a big Thank you! to Canonical for sponsoring my trip to Prague for the Ubuntu Summit! It was a great success. I saw some great talks and valuable workshops. I now know how to snap our applications the have daemons and services thanks to the Snapping Daemons and Services workshop. Prague itself is an amazing city. Wow. Just wow. I got to see old friends and meet many new ones. I will take away some wonderful memories. Did I mention a river cruise? Yes! It was great fun.

I did a lightning talk with Jonathon and a Snapping Desktop Applications workshop with Olivier. The talk was “lightning” fast! But good practice for my speech giving skills ( a challenge for a shy person such as myself!) The workshop was great presentations of different ways snaps are done for different projects. The audience was smaller than I had hoped ( it was the end of the summit and many folks were wrapping up to leave.) I still left with a feeling of accomplishment.

This week I will apply my new found knowledge and push out some more snaps!