KDE snaps at Ubuntu Summit 2022, see you in Prague!

I am pushing out a few more snaps as I prepare for the Ubuntu Summit next week! At the summit I will be co-hosting a snap workshop where I will dissect and explain what goes into snapping KDE apps. I am very excited! Some of the main goals to accomplish while I am there include:

  • Start knocking out our wonderful PIM suite.
  • Sort out apps that want access to system-files and give it to them.
  • Calligra office suite.
  • Access to the neon extention so I may update some issues I am running into.
  • A few apps that require daemon ability ( I believe there is a workshop for this 🙂 )
  • See old friends that I haven’t seen in forever it seems!

Todays releases are as follows:

  • Kig
  • Kreversi
  • Kruler
  • Kshisen
  • Kigo
  • Killbots
  • Kiriki
  • Kiten

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