KDE Gear Snaps fixes and new releases

Another continuation of https://www.scarlettgatelymoore.dev/kde-gear-snaps-round-3 ! This week I solved a few more problems.

  • Lokalize: Dictionaries are now available via the hunspell content snap! To enable:

sudo snap install hunspell-dictionaries

sudo snap connect lokalize:hunspell-dictionaries-plug hunspell-dictionaries:hunspell-dictionaries

  • Ktorrent: First time release on both amd64 and arm64! Closes bug 412734
  • Kdenlive: Glaximate animations are now available! Closes bug 459338
Kdenlive with Glaximate animations!
  • Okular
  • Kgeography
  • Kpatience
  • Palapeli: Now launches! Closes bug 426177
  • Krdc: Now on arm64!
  • Kdiamond: Now with sound!

More coming tomorrow!

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9 thoughts on “KDE Gear Snaps fixes and new releases

      1. No, they don’t work on any distribution. No support on SteamOS, just to name one major example. Sandboxing also is limited outside Ubuntu.

        You can obviously put your resources wherever you want but please don’t advertise Flatpak’s benefits as Snap’s.

        1. Hi! I am not praising one over another at all. I will be working on all three major sandbox solutions ( snaps, flatpaks, and appimages ) users can choose whichever one suits them best.

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