KDE Gear snaps round 3!

First Snow! Witch Wells Arizona

While trying to stay warm in our first snow of the year, I got several apps tested and released in round 3 of https://www.scarlettgatelymoore.dev/kde-gear-snaps-round-2/ ! All of these are being ( re ) tested on both arm64 and amd64. Hence, the release is going slower than it will in the future. Thank you for your patience.

  • Kalzium ( again ) Molecule editor works. Known bug downloading molecules. Just go to Home/Documents and rename the file hotsuff-access.xml to themolecule.cml and load molecule as a temporary work around until a permanent fix comes about. https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=461027
  • Ktuberling
  • Kbounce
  • Kmplot
  • Kbreakout
  • Knavalbattle
  • Kubrick ( Not on chromebook unfortunately, opengl errors need looking into. )
  • Kbruch
  • Knetwalk
  • Kwordquiz
  • Knights ( Sound is fixed! )
  • Kollision
  • Lokalize
  • Kfourinline

More rounds of bug gardening has been done, if you find bugs, or know one of your bugs is related to it being a snap, please assign to me. https://bugs.kde.org

Please consider a donation so I may bring many more apps your way.


I am working on one time donations.

6 thoughts on “KDE Gear snaps round 3!

  1. I tested Lokalize, then I realized it does not come with Arabic spelling dictionary! I don’t know how this will be solved.

    1. I got it working with the hunspell content snap! Please install the latest version ( sudo snap refresh lokalize ) then,
      sudo snap install hunspell-dictionaries and finally: sudo snap connect lokalize:hunspell-dictionaries-plug hunspell-dictionaries:hunspell-dictionaries

      Now dictionaries are found 🙂 please let me know if you have issues. I am going to try and get this auto-connected.

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