KDE: Krita 5.2.1 Snap! KDE Gear 23.08.3 Snaps and KDE neon release

Krita 5.2.1
Krita 5.2.1

Today https://kde.org/announcements/gear/23.08.3/ !

I have finished all the snaps and have released to stable channel, if the snap you are looking for hasn’t arrived yet, there is an MR open and it will be soon!

I have finished all the applications in KDE neon and they are available in Unstable and I am snapshotting User edition and they will be available shortly.

Krita 5.2.1 Snap is complete and released to stable channel!


I fixed some issues with a few of our –classic snaps, namely in Wayland sessions by bundling some missing wayland Qt libs. They should no longer go BOOM upon launch.

KF6 SDK snap is complete. Next freetime I will work on runtime and launcher.

Down to the last part on the akonadi snap build so PIM snaps are coming soon.


As many of you know, I have been out of proper employment for a year now. I had a hopeful project in the works, but it is out of my hands now and the new project holder was only allowed to give me part time and it is still not in stone with further delays. I understand that these things take time and refinement to go through. I have put myself and my family in dire straights with my stubbornness and need to re-evaluate my priorities. I enjoy doing this work very much, but I also need to pay some very over due bills and well life costs money. With that said, I hope to have an interview next week with a local hospital that needs a Linux Administrator. Who knew someone in nowhere Arizona would have a Linux shop! Anyway, I will be going back to my grass roots, network administration is where I started way back in 1996. I will still be around! Just not at the level I am now obviously. I will still be in the project if they allow, I need 2 jobs to clean up this mess I have made for myself. In my spare time I will of course keep up with Debian and KDE neon and Snaps!

If you can spare any change to help with my gas for interview and 45 minute commute till I get a paycheck I would be super grateful. Hopefully I won’t have to ask for much longer. Thank you so much to everyone that has helped over the last year, it means the world to me.