KDE Snaps! Oh so many released! Debian update

Scarlett Gately Moore
KDE Elisia snap
KDE Elisia snap

It has been another very busy couple of weeks! I have released many snaps, fixed a few bugs, started the documentation, and have many snaps in progress. So without further ado here is my status update for KDE snaps:

Fixed two very important Krita bugs:


Fixed several other minor bugs and triaged all the snap bugs I could find on bugs.kde.org. Remember to assign snap bugs to me! It makes my life easier and I see them quicker.

I have started some documentation for developers that want to assist in getting their KDE app snapped here: https://invent.kde.org/teams/neon/-/wikis/Snaps

I have released around 40 snaps! This would make for a very unruly blog post to list, so I have created a list here of my releases:


I am happy to report there are several first time releases including a very kool music app called Elisia !

I have many more snaps in various stages and many more to come. My goal is to get them all by the end of this 3 months ( 1.5 left to get it done ), a lofty goal I know. What can I say, I am ambitious.

Now on to Debian. I am excited to announce that soon I will become contributor status for Freexian ( and hopefully, after time, a collaborator ). I am waiting for my mentor to upload my first security update(s) for Buster LTS. This will be a new type of contributions for me, but I am confident I will do well and I have new hope that I have found my new forever home. I will be very useful in many areas and I look forward to growing with the company.

In closing, if you can spare some change we have a few unexpected expenses ( doesn’t everyone?! ) Anything helps, thank you!