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KDE Mascot

Much to my dismay, I figured out that my blog has been disabled on the Ubuntu planet since May. If you are curious about what I have been up to, please go to the handy links -> and read up! This post is a continuation of last weeks

IMPORTANT: I am still looking for a super awesome team lead for a super amazing project involving KDE and Snaps. Time is running out and well the KDE world will be a better a better place if this project goes through! I would like to clarify, this is a paid position! A current KDE developer would be ideal as it is a small team so your time will be split managing and coding alike. If you or anyone you know might be interested please contact me ASAP!

Snaps: I am wrapping up the 23.04.3 KDE applications release! Head on over to and enjoy! We are now up to 180 snaps! PIM snaps will be slowly rolling in as they go through manual reviews for D-Bus.

Snapcraft: minor fix in qmake plugin found by ruff.

Launchpad: I almost have approval for per application repository snapcraft files, but I have to prove it will work to our benefit and not cause loads of polling etc. So I have been testing various methods of achieving such a task, and so far I have come up with launchpads ability to watch and download release tarballs into a project. I will then need to script getting the tarball and pushing it to a bzr branch from which I can create a proper snap recipe. Unfortunately, my proper snap recipe fails! Hopefully a very helpful cjwatson will chime in, or if anyone wants to take a gander please chime in here:

As reality sets in that my project may not happen if I don’t find anyone, I need help surviving until I find work or funding to continue my snap work ( still much to do! ) If you or anyone else you know enjoys our snaps please consider a donation, anything helps! Please share! Thank you for your consideration!